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More and more businesses are turning to the internet for advertising. To increase your exposure to a specific audience, we offer advertising space on Fileopt to software developers, websites, blogs and web service. This way you can get your product or service in front of targeted visitors.

So Why Advertise on Our Website?

We know that a good return on investment is needed in order to advertise successfully. We have therefore listed a few factors that will help you decide whether will suit your advertising needs…

About Our Traffic

At the moment receives between 2,000 – 3,400 unique visitors daily, resulting in over 1,20,000 page views per month and growing. Virtually all our visitors falls into download intent category, who are interested in software and games download.

The Benefits of Advertising with Us

Brand recognition - Ensuring that your business name or product is seen and remembered by as many customers as possible.
Receive traffic - Get targeted traffic to your site or blog.
Different types of advertising - We offer different advertising opportunities to fit your specific campaign, including text ads within the content of our site, featured sponsor boxes that are displayed in the right or left border of the site, banner ads (no animated or flash banners).

The Pricing

Pricing depends on:

  • Number of pages the ad is placed on
  • The positioning of the ad and size of the ad
  • The time period of advertising
  • Contact us on the bottom of the page for specific prices.

Advertising Guidelines

We will be reviewing the suitability and quality of all product and services and maintain the right to refuse any company that we feel does not meet our standards.

Advertising Inquiry

You can submit your Advertisement Queries at or via contact form listed below.

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