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.Net Framework

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.NET Framework is Microsoft’s answer to building rich applications and development of programs. This sounds as a tool for developers only, but don’t forget that users rely on Microsoft’s .NET Framework to keep their apps running in an error-free environment.
This .NET Framework was released originally all the way back in 2007. This typical version however introduced CLR ( Common Language Runtime) 2.0, which shows the exact same reference as .NET 2.0. However, it adds certain properties and features like the LINQ (Language Integrated Query), and a new Compact .NET Framework was also released alongside this update for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices, and a debugging reference source code was also released under the Microsoft Reference Source License.


  • Incremental Upgrades to Windows WorkFlow, Windows CardSpace.
  • Heavy Integration of Language Integrated Query(LINQ). This allows codes to be written in LINQ-enabled languages to filter and evaluate and create projections of SQL data, using the same syntax.
  • ASP.NET AJAX takes you to a whole new level of customizability, personalized as well as an interactive Web experience like never before.
  • Newer protocols for WCF builds like AJAX, ATOM, JSON, REST.
  • Added Support for Microsoft Visual Studio with wider range of WCF Tools.
  • The Windows Foundation supports opens a gateway for a faster boot, and better and crisper loading of Bitmap effects.
  • Can have several other .NET Frameworks running together, for deploying certain target applications on a system.


Microsoft’s .NET Framework hence represents a strong and powerful database that provides the platform for rich enhanced applications. This programming framework however makes the job easy for the developers with making use of code data without having to write it down.
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