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ACG Player 1.15.17028.0

File size:30.8 MB Licence :Free Publisher Name :Axilesoft Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows 10 No of Download :814times
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Do you find yourself juggling between multiple windows just to make sure you can edit and watch your video? Is it difficult for you to find a media player that supports all your file formats? All these problems can be solved with a few clicks of the mouse button. AGC Player is a great tool to play all your audio and video files.

AGC Player is a tool developed especially for windows 10 that allows users to access their media files and also allows them to edit the files that they choose to. It is a multifaceted application that has many great features. Here are some of them- 

Simple User Interface

Due to the simple structure of the interface and the ease with which one can perform multiple functions on the tool is what makes it stand out. Multiple features are introduced to the user in the form of buttons or present in the drop-down menu at different points in the window. This increases ease of access and decreases the amount of time one would require to perform the same function on another tool or tools. 

Customisable Panel Buttons

Since the panel present in the window is customisable, it increases the usability of the tool. This ensures that one can have a personalised panel that suits their requirements and hence makes it easier for everyone to adapt to this tool and use it to suit their requirements with maximum ease and efficiency. 

More Control Options

Apart from the flexibility that the tool provides through its many customisation options, it also allows users to control the volume, balance and screen size. This allows users to control the view and the other aspects of the media files that they wish to access. These options provide more comfort to all those who wish to use this tool. 

All these features make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to get a new and efficient media player for their computer system that runs on windows 10. Go ahead and download today to enjoy all your media files through one simple interface. 
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