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Adblock 3.46.0

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If you want to get rid of annoying ads while surfing the internet, simply install Adblock on your browser and enjoy uninterrupted web browsing experience.
It is an effective ad blocking extension of Google’s Chrome and is the world’s well-known ad blocker which does not allow you to view ads on the web. It has more than 50 million users from around the world on almost all platforms.

This ad blocker is highly powerful in blocking almost all kinds of ads, such as pre-video ads on YouTube, ads while visiting any webpage, etc. Its logo on the right side of the Chrome taskbar gets red when it is in running mode and blocking ads.

It helps you to easily connect with your social media sites when you do not find any ad to distract you.

It works automatically, where you can select your favorite sites or can choose to block all ads by default. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ and visit websites with zero ads.

Features of Adblock

Safe and ad-free browsing

It keeps you from those unexpected irritating ads on Chrome browser, such as pop-ups, video promotions and disrupting ads on the websites. It also stops the websites from tracking you, thus gives you a safe and ad-free browsing experience.

Enjoy videos without ads

It enables you to view videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all video sites without annoying ads while they are playing. Actually, it removes the video ads before you view them. It means when you have ad blocker on your computer, you can enjoy your favorite videos without any distraction.

Maintains privacy

It does not require any kind of personal information if you want to run this ad blocker on your system as well as it has nothing to do with your browsing activities, means it does not monitor your browsing.

Create filter list

It allows you to create filter lists with the help of which you can add or delete sites from inside the add-ons panel of the ad blocker. Also, you have to filter sites which need flash pop-ups to work properly while this ad blocker is running. 

Blocks ads from downloading

It not only blocks ads from viewing everywhere on the web but also blocks ads from downloading. Thus, saves your time a lot and bandwidth.

Benefits of Adblock

  • Blocks all kinds of annoying ads
  • Saves lot of data usage
  • Faster website performance
  • Provides high level of privacy protection
  • Cleaner and faster web browsing experience

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5.0 star rating
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"Thank you for giving me rid of annoying ads" Reviewed by Lisa Tracker on 11 June 2019

This is one of the best app who blocked all annoying app and gave me super experience.



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