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Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3784

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Advanced IP Scanner is a powerful network scanner which is used to identify local IP addresses within your LAN (Local Area Network). This free tool provides the necessary information about the computers connected in the network. Thus, helps you to evaluate the health and status of your network.
The scanner helps you to locate all network devices, where you can access shared folders and FTP servers, can provide remote access of systems and can even remotely shut down the systems.
Due to its easy accessibility and the ability to run as a portable edition, this network scanner should be considered by each network admin as the first choice. 

Features of Advanced IP Scanner

Simple and User-friendly interface
It is extremely simple and easy to use. You just require clicking the ‘Scan’ button and the process of checking your system starts immediately. It can be accessed by users of any level of expertise.
Fast network scanning
The network scanning is quite faster than other similar scanners available in the market. It takes just a few seconds to locate all the computers connected either on wired or wireless LAN and carry out a scan of their ports. It also finds HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and RDP resources and shared folders as well.
Remote access
It does more than a scan and provides you complete control of computers remotely, where you can shut down any remote computer or a set of computers running Windows. Additionally, you can also start the computers in the network remotely using this network scanner, which is only possible if the network card of these computers supports Wake-On-LAN function.
Create Favorites
It enables you to create favorites, where you can easily save any remote devices that interest you the most. This makes easier for you to scan only those devices which are added to your favorites list, instead of scanning the entire network.
Save scan results to CSV
You can save the scan results within a common CSV file. Thus, allowing you to view the results whenever you require.

Benefits of Advanced IP Scanner

  • Free tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective network scanner
  • Shut down or start a PC remotely
  • Number of time-saving functions

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5.0 star rating
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"Very useful tool for IP Scanner" Reviewed by Racheal Anderson on 07 May 2019

Its very powerful IP scanner and also provide information about connected device.


no cons

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