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Android SDK 24.4.1

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Android SDK (Software Development Kit) consists of a set of development tools which are being used for developing apps for the Android platform. The numbers of tools include libraries, debugger, emulator, documentation for APIs, tutorials for Android OS and various others.

SDK is used to create Android programs on the command prompt, where the common method is the use of Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in, NetBeans or IntelliJ. They work effectively in providing a powerful graphic interface which enables you to perform a range of development tasks much faster.

You must also keep in mind that you should install Java Development Kit (JDK) in your device, because all Android apps are created in Java code, so you need Java to get SDK run on your device.

What it offers you?

With a single download, you will a variety of tools which need to start developing apps. These include:

  • SDK Tools for debugging and testing as well as various other utilities which are needed to develop an app.
  • SDK platform tools are used to develop and debug your apps. These tools support all advanced features of the Android platform. They get an update whenever a new platform is available.
  • It also provides a copy of the documentation for Android platform APIs.
  • For each version of Android, it has one SDK platform that includes android.jar file with a library.
  • One or more System Images are offered by each platform version, where it is required by an emulator for its operation. 
  • It offers a copy of the Android platform source code which is used for creating the code while debugging the app.
  • It also provides the static libraries and samples that enable you to carry out the license verification for the app while dealing with Google Play.

Benefits of Android SDK

  • Highly secure and easy to adopt
  • Easy integration
  • Wide-ranging set of development tools
  • Innovative framework
  • Available for free

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5.0 star rating
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"Most useful app ever" Reviewed by Andrew Mattew on 11 June 2019

It really works great for developing android app but do use it with Java development kit.



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