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Angry IP Scanner 3.5.5

File size:2.81 MB Licence :Open Source Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Anton Keks Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows XP 64-bit,Windows 7,Windows 2008,Windows XP,Windows 2008 R2,Windows 7 64-Bit,Windows Vista,Windows Vista 64-bit,Windows 2012,Windows 2008 64-bit,Windows 8 64-bit,Windows 2003,Windows 9x,Windows 10 64-bit,Windows 2000, Linux and Mac OS X No of Download :664times
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Angry IP Scanner is an open-source and cross-platform network scanner which is used to scan IP addresses and ports. This scanner is widely used by network administrators as well as provides benefits to small and large businesses, banks and government agencies. Due to its wonderful features and benefits, more than 28 million downloads of this scanner has been reported so far.

This IP address and port scanner is highly capable of scanning a different range of IP addresses (local networks and internet) and their ports. Being lightweight and no requirement of its installation, it can easily be copied and used anywhere and at any time.
It actually works by checking each IP address to confirm whether it is working or not, then move further by resolving the hostname, by determining the MAC address, scans, ports, and others. All the collected data regarding each host is extended using plugins.

Features of Angry IP Scanner

Multithread approach
The multithread approach is used to provide you the faster scanning speed. It works by creating a separate scanning thread for a single IP address. Suppose, if you want to scan five different IP addresses, it will create five different scanning threads, thus increase its speed to a great extent.

Save results in various formats
The scanning results can be exported or saved into a variety of formats, including CSV, TXT, XML and other file formats.

Collect different information
It is highly capable of collecting the range of information about the scanned IPs using plugins. If you are a Java coder, you can create plugins and extend the functionality of this IP scanner using those plugins.

Additional features
Other features of this scanner include the NetBIOS information, like your PC name, workgroup name as well as the existing logged in Windows user, the detection of web server, customizable openers and many more.

Benefits of Angry IP Scanner

  • Free and open-source
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • No installation required
  • Command-line interface

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5.0 star rating
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"Awesome Software !!!" Reviewed by Vijay Patel on 24 September 2019

With help of this app, I downloaded all my favorite songs and updated my playlist. This application has access to all data of music app and you can listen and download easily.


No Cons

"IP scanner with accurate result" Reviewed by Henri Williams on 25 June 2019

This scanner works great as I tried this in different app but this gives the best and accurate result



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