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Audio Hijack 3.3.5

File size:16 MB Licence :Demo Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Rogue Amoeba Software, Inc. Released On :8/16/2017 OS :Mac OS X 10.10 or later No of Download :614times
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Audio Hijack is a useful software system, used for tracking audio records from Mac computer. To do any intricate task, the users may use it very easily. The software also helps in storing the audio files from microphone or other hardware parts. The new users may avail trial version of the application.


New Session Creation - Recording with Audio Hijack begins with reusable session that includes the settings for capturing audio. The users have to twist the blocks for fulfilling all the needs. Multiple sessions creation is also easy with the software.

Adding Level Meter - The app presents level meters of various types. One of them is RMS, while other one is VU Meters. This VU meter is much conventional, and it provides details for monitoring all the records.

Recording In Almost Any Format - The software helps you in recording the file in almost all the audio file formats, such as, AAC, FLAC and MP3.

Scheduled Recordings - There is a separate Schedule tab for setting the time that is suitable for you to record the audio. The audio file will wait for the users while they get back to the app.

A well-designed interface - The audio grid of Audio Hijack presents pipeline view of the flow of audio. Thus, the users will be able to understand all the things very easily.
Audio equalizer- While the users are listening to iTunes music, they may deal with this equalizer for the adjustment of audio. They can apply Sweeten session in order to deal with this equalizer. This session comprises various blocks.
  • 10 Band EQ - It is a simple, equalizer, consisting of more than one preset. It also includes the presets for loudness, lounge and many other options.
  • System Audio - This is useful for enhancing the audios. Instant On is essential for this software. While you like to deal with one application, you may remove the block for System Audio.
Audio manipulation - Prior to recording audio, the users may adjust it. They can do so with the insertion of de-clicking effect to Output and Source block. The customized Dehum and Denoise effects may also be chosen for the improvement of audio. These effects are powered with licensed technology.

About the developer - Audio Hijack is the product of Rogue Amoeba, a Mac software corporation, designing tools for capturing the audio. Nicecast, Fission and Airfoil- these are also other software systems, offered by Rogue Amoeba.
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