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Banktivity 6.2.4

File size:19.2 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :IGG Software, Inc. Released On :11/18/2017 OS :Mac OS 10.12 or later No of Download :594times
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Banktivity is one of the comprehensive personal finance applications, available for Apple devices, including Mac PC. It helps in creating budget, monitoring the accounts and tracking the expenditure. For Mac users, there is an option of synching Banktivity desktop version with the mobile-friendly app.

Features of Banktivity

Types and groups - The account categories include savings, checking, cash, assets, liabilities and many more. Everything is manageable and can be organized with this software. It also helps in hiding few accounts, which are not presently essential.

Loan and debt control - The app offers special tool for managing debt and loan, tracking the interest percentage and scheduling the payment.
Banktivity also assists in storing account number or account notes and setting the minimum amount of balance.

Easy accessibility - With only a simple, subscription option, the users may update several bank accounts.
Direct online downloading - The software not only helps in importing OFX but also assists in connecting to financial institutes for downloading the updates of transactions.
Quicken integration - The import tool transports Quicken data and preserves transactions, accounts and investments. The formats that are supported are OFX, QIF, QMTF and QIF.
The app has simple rules for import. It tracks all the modifications, made by the users and deletes the data automatically prior to importing anything.

Scheduled and split transaction - All the deals or transactions can be categorized separately to have accurate record of everything. While there is repeating transaction, Banktivity sends an alert at the right time.
Easier input - There is no need of using mouse, and the users may edit their transactions with a unique editor.
Photo attachments - The software has an option of attaching any PDF or image files to any transaction.
Customized templates - Banktivity saves times with the automatic creation of templates for every transaction.

  • Dashboard showing the detailed information, including balance, net worth, deposits, bills, updated budget and savings amount.

  • Adjustable templates for analyzing the spending trend, considering the returns, balances and payee

  • Data comparison on any report

  • Instant report creation with various types of graphs and charts

  • Dynamic update to every change


  • Create a budget based on any event

  • Spend personal goals on earning or investing

  • Review the performance of all the budgets

Customable Tags

  • Category organization for keeping record easily

  • Tax category for importing data

About the developer
Banktivity is the product of IGG Software Inc., one of the USA based companies in Vermont.

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