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BetterTouchTool 2.318

File size:5.1 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Andreas Hegenberg Released On :7/6/2013 OS :Mac OS X 10.6 or later No of Download :641times
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BetterTouchTool software is one of the simple tools to help you in creating customized gestures to be used for different needs. Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse users get the maximum benefits from this software. The users will be able to transform their iOS handsets into the remote pointers for Mac. BetterTouchTool also comprises the functionality of BetterSnapTool for controlling the way of snapping windows for displaying edges.


Simple interface - There is no active UI unlike other apps, and it works at the background, interfering with the activity of trackpad, keyboard or mouse. The preference window of the software has number of sections, and one toolbar is present at the top.

Gesture creation - BTT presents a tab for selecting the device with which gesture is to be used. After picking the particular device, the users need to choose their app for using gesture. BTT has a vast collection of some preset gestures. But, any action is not integrated with the gestures. Thus, the users have a chance of picking any gesture for assigning the preferred function. They can also create fresh, personalized gestures, such as alphabets, circles or swirls.

If it is Magic Mouse, BetterTouchTool helps the users with swiping, stretching and pinching gestures. All these gestures may be set for corresponding them to the predefined or shortcut activities, like Finder or Expose.

Live View - Many users try to have more precise sense for various Magic Mouse parts and sides. Live View feature is useful in this case for revealing the past actions that have been performed by the users. It will help the users in solving the issues with the intricate gestures.

Snapping the window- The software has added this feature for various Windows versions. If this option is activated, the window, present at the screen’s corner, can get snapped to another configuration. With the help of BTT, the users make readjustment of the size of windows.

There are many more features, offered by BetterTouchTool

  • Compatible with standard mice

  • Allow users to draw gestures

  • A special window for color selection- Usable at anytime

  • Add lots of additional gestures

  • Window movement through gestures

  • Allow more than one profile and import or export of all profiles

  • Mac volume and brightness control option


BTT offers all the things to control gestures in the best way. It presents the options for customizing keyboards and multi-button mouse in the easiest way.

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