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CCleaner 5.52.6967

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CCleaner is a freeware cleaner with the ability to make your system faster, secure and reliable. It helps users to become a master of their systems with this ultimate cleaning software. It is one of the effective cleaners that help to keep your system in control.

It works with various versions of Windows, providing the best way to speed up and optimize your system. Due to the powerful cleaning features, this cleaner is widely popular among novices and techies. You can go for other available editions depending on your requirements.

Get more space with award-winning optimization for what really matters.

Features of CCleaner

Make Computer Faster
The cookies, temporary files, history, and unused data are highly responsible to make the operating system more congested, which as a result slows down your system’s speed. The cleaner removes all this unwanted data and retains valuable hard disk space that in turn works in making your system run faster than usual.

When a system starts, several unused programs runs in the background. This cleaner is capable to identify and remove those unwanted programs. Again, it frees space and shortens the system’s startup time, lessening the stress on the hard drive throughout its use.

Fix Errors and Broken Settings
For providing more stability and reliability, it also works to fix errors and broken settings using the built-in registry. You might have noticed several times that a system has frozen or unexpected error messages have popped or an application/program has crashed. It occurs when your registry get tangled with unused files and broken settings. The cleaner identifies and fixes such issues.

Highly Secure Browsing
It also helps in protecting your system’s anonymity, thus allow you to browse the internet with high security. When you browse the internet, the websites track your browsing behavior with cookies. Thus, it makes your confidential data less secure. This cleaner removes files containing passwords, cached data and internet history and keeps you from identity theft and online fraud.

Customize Cleaning Options
It allows its users to customize the cleaning options as per their needs. The users, who have very rare access to their systems, can go with default settings. The professionals and savvy users can customize cleaning settings to fit their system’s space availability, security and monitoring needs.

Benefits of CCleaner

  • Absolutely free
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Improves system performance
  • Powerful cleaning capabilities
  • Gives more free space
  • Customize cleaning as per your needs
  • Boosts security
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