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Defraggler 2.21.993

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Defraggler is a Windows-based disk de-fragmentation utility, which essentially allows you to cluster all your used and empty spaces together to increase the speed with which you can access your data.
Developed by Piriform (of the CCleaner, Recuva and Speccy fame), Defraggler has become an indisputable part of must-have of PC healthcare utilities ever since its inception in 2008. It has acquired this reputation because of its host of features – it allows you to perform selective de-fragmentation, can de-fragment locked files, and can even perform a Quick de-frag to provide an immediate boost to system speed.
However, its biggest advantage is the ability to provide the user with the option to completely customize the de-frag process. You can choose to de-frag either files or folders, which locations to exclude from de-fragmentation, and also allows scheduling of the de-fragmentation which allows it to perform most of the de-frag process when the computer is idle.
Additionally, it can also check for disk errors, and perform a repair as well. And its portability - defraggler doesn’t need to be installed, it can simply be run even from a pen drive – is another added advantage which makes it a very powerful, yet lightweight utility. Moreover, it can support multiple filesystem, including but not limited to – ExFat, NTFS, FAT32 and RAID.
Defraggler also provides support for boot-time de-frag – the ability to defrag fields locked by the operating system which cannot be defragmented once the OS has completely booted up. This allows you to de-frag some huge files like the Windows page file, SAM files, registry hives and Event Viewer log files, which in turn provides a huge boost to both system boot-up speed and disk performance.
Other utilities which can perform similar functions include AVG PC Tune Up, Norton Utilities, Contig and Vopt, among others. However, none of these offer the vast array of features that Defraggler does nor do they have its robust portability. Perhaps it’s only major drawback is that it doesn’t come bundled along with Microsoft Windows.
Defraggler is the perfect tool for the advanced user looking to tweek their OS hard drives to the tilt!
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