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DirectX 9.0C

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DirectX is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interface) that contains a set of standard commands and functions which are used to develop video games. It is commonly used by software developers to create their programs creatively and effectively.
It is used to control video playback, sound effects, and peripheral devices. The functions of APIs are needed to be incorporated into the video games in order to manage the video, sound and user input of the games.
It is actually a part of the object-oriented development environment, which is used by the programmers to take benefits Microsoft’s set of programs to create graphic images and to give other effects to their games.
It consists of five components. These are:
It is an interface which allows you to specify 2D images, textures, and to manage double buffers.
It is an interface which allows you to create 3D images.
It is an interface which allows you to integrate and coordinate sound with the images.
It is a plug-in which is used by both programmers and for end users to test their apps.
It is an interface which is used for making input from a variety of I/O devices.

Features of DirectX

Create Graphic Images and Effects
It works effectively in creating and handling the graphic images and multimedia effects in video games. It is also used for active web pages that will run in Windows OS, where these web pages must be written in C++, or Visual C/C++, or Java.

Software Development Kit
When a programmer wants to create a program, a software development kit (SDK) associated with these set of APIs must be used, which is easily available from Microsoft. SDK includes the number of tools that let developers to perform their desired actions, such as creating or integrating graphic images, overlays, sound, and other game features.
Driver Development Kit
The app also contains a Driver Development Kit (DDK) that allows programmers to create a range of drivers used for audio, video and other input/output devices.
Additional features
The other features of this app include security and performance updates, highly powerful High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) and others, which are accessed by apps using the APIs.

Benefits of DirectX 

  • Easy for programmers to develop video games
  • Makes video games look more uniform
  • Can create 3D images
  • Works in the background
  • Provides fastest and best compatibility on other devices

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5.0 star rating
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"One of the best app for APIs" Reviewed by Anna Joseph on 07 May 2019

This is one of the best app for APIs with standard command and functions and very easy to use.


no cons

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