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Dropbox 40.4.46

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Dropbox is a user-friendly file sharing and syncing software program. It helps in synchronizing all types of files. However, it also acts as a cloud storage application, providing the users with practical tools for backing up documents and photos.


Screenshots sharing - The desktop users can avail this feature. After taking normal screenshots, Dropbox helps with automatic copying of link or storing of those screenshots.

File preview - The software includes this tool to enable the users in previewing various types of online files. It helps in reading PDF files, flipping through PPT slides, watching the videos or previewing at the designs of Illustrator.

File comments - The latest commenting tool in Dropbox helps the users in discussing about the changes, done to any file. If the users add the names of their colleagues or any other comments, Dropbox sends a notification. Thus, all conversations on every file will remain at one place.

Selective Synching - This feature helps in synchronizing only the important computer files. It will also save much amount of space in the device of the users. 

MS Office files editing - From the interface of Dropbox, the users may open or modify their Office documents. Adding the annotations and comments to those documents is also easy with the use of Dropbox.

Remote Wipe - This feature is intended to keep up the privacy of the users, who have lost their laptop or mobile. Remote wipe is such a tool, which helps in removing Dropbox files from the linked mobile or desktop.

Dropbox Paper – It is a doc, intended to do innovative work by the corporate teams. This also helps in tracking every element, such as image, code, gif, sharing and presentation. The users can sync Dropbox with their docs and thus, all the team members can view at the modifications instantly.

Other features of Dropbox include,

  • The administrators can monitor all the activities of a team or view at the linked devices

  • Files transferring to various users while any team member changes his position

  • Fastest accessibility only to the essential folders with the creation of various groups in the software

  • Dropbox helps in setting a connection to lots of applications to create the strongest infrastructure
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