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DVD Shrink is software that compresses DVD smartly when doing a backup of your DVD. This software can be used in combination with any DVD burning software with the purpose of making a backup copy of DVD video disc.
Generally, the capability of writable DVD is less than the original DVD and additionally, many original DVDs integrate data protection within them. To avoid this data protection, this software extracts the information, compresses it and burns it into an empty DVD.
The software has numerous useful features and options that work effectively improving the quality of your backup.
Installing and using this software is very easy, where not a single user can come across any issue with it. Furthermore, this software is the perfect choice for those who spend several hours watching movies.
You can enjoy its full functionality, regardless of your Windows version absolutely free.

Features of DVD Shrink

Clean and user-friendly interface
It has a clean and easy to use interface, as it is well-organized into the number of panels so that the information does not look tangled. This makes it convenient to understand and use even if you are a newbie in the technology field.
Built-in decryption algorithms
This feature enables you to create a backup copy of media with great ease. Also, this software is highly capable to work with most DVDs. Where most of the DVDs work with an encryption method and prevent you from making copies, this software overcomes this issue with the help of its decryption algorithms.
Compressing of data
You all know that most of DVD video titles are too large to fit in a single DVD-R disk, where without modification it is not possible at all. This software helps you to get the data from your original DVD by simply compressing or shrinking it. So, next time when you want to save the entire backup on the hard drive, just make sure it has enough space.
Re-author Button
This feature enables you to build your own compilation by simply selecting certain sections you want to be and compile them from one or more DVDs. You can also select certain parts of the DVD you want to view. This way, you can save the space to have the highest quality viewing

Benefits of DVD Shrink 

  • Free Windows software
  • Fast, effective and straightforward
  • No installation required
  • Backup whole or selected parts of the disk
  • Improve the quality of backup

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5.0 star rating
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"Very good application for create DVD" Reviewed by Shina Gadkare on 12 April 2019

Very nice tool for get DVD backup and create and burn DVD.


no cons

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