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Firefox 57.0.2

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Firefox is a free, open source browser which does not consume much resource of the computer, and allows hassle-free browsing to all the users.
Mozilla Firefox is a thoroughly tested browser that is free from virus, and it allows faster download in any device. Moreover, the add-ons and security features are also user-friendly. These add-ons not only personalize the browser but also enhance the functionality level.


Intuitive Interface - Mozilla has updated its browser to offer Firefox version 3 that is more functional to the users. This version offers larger text and images and includes favicon to bookmarks. 

Add-ons - These are small codes to make Firefox more usable. The add-ons can block Flash content or ads and integrate social media.

Management of tabs - Tab Groups provides the simplest process for clustering all tabs, depending on the categories. It is helpful when the users have opened several tabs because it reduces all the messes in their tab bar. This option is also functional, while the users like to open Facebook and email tabs all the time.

Retina display - Firefox OS X edition works well for pixel-rich screen with intense resolution.

Download manager- An arrow symbol displays the remaining time for all files, which are getting downloaded. The toolbar also shows the progress of download process.

PDF file viewer - Firefox comprises this feature for displaying PDF files in a browser. Almost any PDF file can be viewed with no plugin.

Mozilla Firefox is a fast working browser that allows different add-ons, customization, device synchronization, better bookmarking, improved privacy and balanced use of memory.

About the company
Mozilla Foundation, one of the non-profit agencies has developed the browser, Firefox. However, the subsidiary branch, Mozilla Corporation has also made a contribution. This corporation had engaged lots of developers and experts to get coordinated with them for launching the Firefox browser.

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5.0 star rating
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"Great experience to use firefox browser I liked" Reviewed by Haresh Chaudhari on 13 October 2018

Latest version has great features for developer who want to debug and fix the development issue with it. Overall, great experience I got.


Bit slower but that's fine.

"Awesome Experience!" Reviewed by Haresh on 22 May 2018

Best browser experience


Did not find it yet

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