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FL Studio works as a digital audio workstation, and offers a clear GUI that acts as a music sequencer. It presents the right settings for the production of music. This software is now available to the users in 3 versions- Signature, Fruity and Producer. The features are almost common for all the editions. However, for Producer and Signature versions, extra features like Effects and Packs are included.


  • Multi-touch - This special feature gets extended to Mixer
  • Playlist - Drag the essential audio files and drop them to a Playlist
  • Piano roll - This is an auto-zooming feature that may be selected or deselected easily
  • Step sequencer - The users may interchange the sequences with their Piano rolls
There are several plugins of FL Studio, and these plugins work independently.
  • Dashboard – Assists in controlling hardware parts from the software
  • Edison – This is a recorder and editor in VST format
  • Maximus – It is an audio file limiter to deal with the tracks.
  • Stereo Shaper –  This is a processor and includes mixer of right and left channels 
  • Riff Machine – Create melodies with piano roll and other instruments
Several effects are included in the software for processing sound.
  • NewTone – Controls pitch and manipulates time, which helps in slicing or editing any vocal
  • Vocodex – This is present in only Producer version of the software
  • Gross Beat –Volume, pitch and time control effect
  • Patcher – Chain-like effects that the users may upload easily
  • Guitar Effects–  Work as the stomp boxes of guitarists
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