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Freeplane 1.6.11

File size:95.82 MB Licence :Open Source Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Freeplan Team Released On :12/10/2017 OS :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X No of Download :1203times
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Freeplane is a useful app, designed to create mind map. This software helps in sharing data, thinking and doing works at home or at school. The users will be able to analyze everything that is present in their mind maps. It may work with almost any OS with the latest Java version. The users may use it as removable unit or run it locally. From free topics to sub topics- all the things may be saved in the form of mind mapping.
Freeplane works not only as a diagramming app but also as an editor. It enables users in adding content very fast and in a structured way. Moreover, it is also easy to put the content by presenting headings and paragraphs.


  • There are unconnected and customizable nodes that help in taking notes

  • The users can also classify all those nodes by using various styles (system, level and defined) and metadata. Another option for categorizing the nodes is with labels and links. For the structuring and organization of all the nodes, there is a need of using presentation option (tooltip, images, notes and core) and content (icon and calculation). The nodes may also be styled automatically by choosing the edge, color and bubble.

  • The users may hide the content in order to adjust the viewing layout may also be altered

  • Each of the notes and mind maps always remain secure. DES encryption and password protection system, included in the software are helpful in this case.

  • Scripts and add-ons- The users may enhance the software functionality with these two features. Although the app is designed for all non-programmers, it presents the programmers with a flexible scripting language. They can create add-ons on their own with the use of Python and Groovy, a scripting language. It is also better to download add-ons, developed by other users. The students may get inspired to know programming naturally and easily.

  • App integration- The software may be merged with Docear, one of the educational literature programs. The users may also deal with reminders and calendar for their tasking.

Other features include multiple language compatibility, hot keys, spelling checker, dialog editing system and publishing option.

About the developer

Dimitry Polivaev has created the software, Freeplane in the year, 2007. This software has been developed by considering the format of another app, like FreeMind. Freeplane is also compatible to the file format of FreeMind.

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