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FrostWire 6.6.1

File size:26.64 MB Licence :Open Source Publisher Site : Publisher Name :FrostWire Team Released On :12/5/2017 OS :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X No of Download :1276times
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FrostWire is user-friendly java-based application, designed for document sharing and peer-to-peer file downloading. This is a free software system that includes various cloud platforms (SoundCloud and YouTube) and BitTorrent network. As there is an element of BitTorrent, the software is considered as BitTorrent client. The users may directly download their files to any device, like tab or PC. The software helps in customizing its settings in various ways.

While downloading anything from the source BitTorrent, the users have to select the option- Seed. However, a number of file chunks may get uploaded, and this transfer procedure may not be altered. The software can be installed on any device that has Windows, Android, Linux or Mac OS.


  • Search utility- This is a built-in feature, which helps the users in finding out torrents from several websites. It may be done very fast. The software enables users in filtering the outputs by size, seeds, website and size. Torrent seeding may also be deactivated at any time. The app can get connected to various torrent engines for identifying downloadable documents and domains. The users may also observe the results in their application, and thus, there is no need of using the browser. 

  • Previewing download- The app helps in file streaming from Cloud platform and the users may do it prior to downloading it. They can also play the downloaded media before accomplishing the transferring process. FrostWire has another option for listening to music through several radio stations on the web. It also helps in using the customized stations. 

  • Integrated Library – The users may like to add files from their PC, and these files will go to media Library of the app. They can create their own playlist so that they may enjoy the music, while staying in a vehicle. There is also an audio player, included in this app.

  • Controlled download speed - It is easy to control the use of bandwidth by choosing minimum and maximum speed for downloading or uploading files.

  • File sharing - FrostWire software users have the option of sharing files easily with any other user through the Wi-Fi network.

  • Privacy protection - The software helps the users in making out if the firewall and VPN have been activated. It helps to make sure that security and privacy are well-protected.

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