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With the expansion of digitalization across the globe in various sectors, companies have started to put their foot forward in making education accessible to people using the technology. GeoGebra is a multifunctional education software which puts together the concepts of algebra, statistics, geometry, calculus and spreadsheets into one complete package. It has been rated as one of the top contributors and provider of dynamic mathematics. Given the features and applicability, GeoGebra serves as an exceptionally powerful tool in terms of innovation towards teaching.

Since GeoGebra is a tool intended to impart knowledge and learning, it is critical that it has ease of access and user friendly environment, where it does not fail. It supports a very user friendly interface along with powerful user options. The software has study materials for mathematics and applied sciences from primary school level and up to university. These resources and materials come directly from GeoGebra Materials, the official cloud repository of GeoGebra for interactive learning/teaching methods. This software is also highly recommended for professionals looking to deep dive into mathematics. For instance, it gives its users the ability to draw conjectures and learn to prove complex geometric theorems on the go; variables can be used as vectors or numbers, use functions, find their integrals and derivatives. The tool has been loaded with multi-language support to widen its audience across the globe.

GeoGebra is a complete tool on its own, and provides a fairly strong base for someone having the curiosity to learn through technology and innovation, as well as for someone looking to impart diverse yet dynamic teaching. Given its applicability extending to calculus, spreadsheets and graphing, GeaGebra provides a cutting edge solution to innovative learning through technology. Its multilingual support with added features like multi-platform support (Android, macOS and LINUX), GeoGebra Materials and a large worldwide community sharing free educational materials, makes it a clear stand out performer compared to many of its competitors.
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