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With the expansion of social media worldwide, sharing intelligent content has become a trend. People have gone beyond images, videos or audios, and have switched their focus to moving image, commonly known as GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). Although creating these images can be a tricky business, GifCam emerges as a life saver. This software allows you to create GIFs on the go. GifCam is a freeware, easy to use and is loaded with a set of pretty awesome functionalities.

GifCam is super easy to get started with. It sports a translucent background window, which needs to be placed on the area of screen that needs to be captured, until the necessary frames are captured. The GifCam adds spaces automatically between frames (although frames and spaces can be added or removed manually too) and saves the clip as a GIF. These GIFs can be played with any program supporting the file type.

GifCam is highly efficient is creating minimal sized GIFs with large files too. This is possible, technically speaking, because of multiple process. For example, GifCam editing functionality has abilities to remove frames and 5 colour reductions, which not only help user customize GIFs, but also get rid of excess colour data. On the top of it, in the event of software recording two exact same frames, GifCam adds a delay instead of a new frame, saving up critical file space. Since the software is tagged is portable, one only needs the executable file to run GifCam.

Moreover, the basic design of the software including the transparent window with four control button “Record, Frame, Edit, Save” makes it fairly easy for a new user to get hold of it. This also acts as an added advantage for people who have no experience in image editing.
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