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Google Chrome 63.0.3239.108

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Google Chrome, the most popular and fastest browsers, gives the safest browsing experience to the users. The latest edition works smooth smoothly with any OS, and is almost without any flaw. Chrome is available in four versions- Beta, Dev, Canary and Stable.


Efficient management of tabs:
The users have no hassle in dragging or dropping the tabs of Chrome. They can easily arrange them because of the multi-process structure, offered from Chrome. Without affecting the performance of their system, the users may open several tabs.

Shortcut creation for any application:
The option for Application Shortcuts is accessible by choosing an icon, present at the right-side of the interface.

Bookmarks synchronization:
It is now possible to sync the theme of preferable browsers and bookmarks in more than one PC with Google Account. Such feature is useful when you switch from one computer to another.

Automatic updates:
Chrome regularly checks whether its users have updated security. The users do not need to make any effort for the update.

Task Manager:
The developers of Chrome have integrated this feature to allow the users in having information of the running process. It is also useful for closing any misbehaving app or tab. 


This is a security feature of Chrome that prevents any malware installation on the users’ computer. Thus, Chrome offers an extra protective layer against all the virus infected web pages.  

Find the used memory:

The users can use this feature by typing the term- about:memory in a new Chrome tab. And the software will present a browser list, presently active.  It also shows users how much memory they have consumed.

The address bar and the search bar get merged and so, it is Omnibox. It also gives suggestions, while the users enter web URL or any word for browsing. It simplifies the task of users as they can search for anything without several keystrokes.

Incognito mode and other privacies:
Sometimes, the users do not want to record the websites they have visited. In such case, the activation of this mode at the time of browsing may help to meet their needs.

Chrome is really a well-designed browser with user-friendly features. This browser is now so innovative and sophisticated that other web browser developers are trying to follow it. However, the users should not confuse it with Chrome OS that helps in running Chromebooks.

About the developers:-
The giant technology company, Google developed the web browser Chrome. To create this browser, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders) hired some developers of Mozilla Firefox, and developed a demo of this browser. CEO of Google and other members had readily accepted the idea after watching the demonstration.

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5.0 star rating
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"Nice browser..." Reviewed by Mittal Thakor on 24 September 2019

It gives the best extension service and its personalized feature which I like the most. I used only Chrome for my PC and even on mobile.


no cons

"Best Browser for personal and professional use" Reviewed by John Warner on 02 May 2019

I always prefer to use Chrome for numerous reason. It gives the best extension service and its personalized feature which I like the most. I used only Chrome for my PC and even on mobile.


no cons

"Nice Site" Reviewed by Twamanish on 29 January 2019

This is a nice site


No cons

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