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Hamachi is a cloud-based VPN (Virtual Private Network) app which allows users to extend and distributes teams safely and securely, such as LAN networks, mobile networks, gamer friends, etc. anywhere and at any time.

It offers a great set of features along with powerful security features which help users to create and maintain their VPN easily. Also, the app supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, so if you are working on any of these systems, you can download this app to avail its features and benefits.

In simple words, it is an app which gives users a facility to create and manage VPN between the numbers of computers located remotely. A fully encrypted and safe local network can also be simulated, thus giving a useful feature to some games.

Features of Hamachi

LAN over the internet
It enables you to manage a range of options for instant and managed networks effortlessly. You can manage multiple PCs in the secure network, it looks just like they were earlier connected using a cable.

It has three networking modules
  • Gateway Virtual Networking
  • Hub and Spoke networking
  • Mesh networking.

On-demand networking
It allows you to create a secure virtual network on-demand, across public and private networks.

It offers a variety of embedded security features which helps you in encoding communication using the AES 256 bit encryption, integrating access control as well as arranging client or network management. The app enables you to enjoy the complete control of your public or private network usage and access. Being an administrator of a network, you can deal with passwords, network authentication, and membership details easily.

No configuration
It works with the existing firewall with zero configuration requirements, which means you do not need to make any kind of adjustment either to the firewall or a router.

Other Features Include:

  • It gives you freedom to access critical files and network drives with great ease.
  • It offers an unparalleled level of direct peer-to-peer connectivity like you can get a print of a document stored on your PC at home from the office and can also create your own VPN to play and enjoy your favorite game with your friends.
  • Establishing and managing a network can be easily done by less experienced networks.

Benefits of Hamachi

  • Free for personal use
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Secure remote access to a network
  • Encrypted communications
  • Ideal to play network games
  • Client/network configuration 

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5.0 star rating
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"Great VPN network!" Reviewed by Lily Thomsan on 05 June 2019

Its safe and secure to use. Works really well I would recommend if you are looking for VPN then try this.


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