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HijackThis 2.0.5 Beta

File size:380 KB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site Publisher Name :Trend Micro Inc Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows (All Versions) No of Download :681times
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HijackThis is one kind of utility or tool which is used to generate a detailed report of registry and file settings from your PC. Basically, it is used to detect and remove doubtful elements from the browser you use for online activities.
It scans your browsers to find suspicious activities in them and provides a clear and upfront list of the scan results by sorting into a range of categories. Initially, you might find it difficult to understand these categories, but you can find a guide by clicking on the ‘Info’ section in the home screen of this utility.
Select each entry and click ‘Info’ on the selected entry to see the complete information about it. You will get to know what actually this entry is and what effect it will have on your system after fixing it.
Although you get the information of the entries as a result of the scan, this utility will warn you if a particular entry could be harmful for you or your system. The decision is completely yours, whether to delete it or to change it.
It is also advised to make changes to your computer settings only if you are an expert user.
If you are looking for a practical and efficient tool for keeping an eye on your browser elements, it can be your best choice.

Features of HijackThis

Scan and remove
This utility scans the results and does not make any kind of separation between the settings, which enables you to select the files or settings you want to remove from your computer. You need to be very careful when choosing to remove any file or setting using the utility.
Useful tools
It comes with the number of useful tools that help you to manually remove any kind of malware from your PC. You can also delete an unwanted file on reboot and open the Alternate Data Streams (ADS) spy.
All actions recorded
Whether you have chosen to delete, change or other options for the entries collected from the scan results of this utility, all your actions are recorded in a log file and backup is taken automatically.
Other features
The latest version comes with a process manager and a substitute data stream scanner.

Benefits of HijackThis 

  • Free utility to detect malware on Windows
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Backup and logs recorded
  • Provide information for each element
  • Numerous useful tools

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5.0 star rating
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"Best tools for delete for cookies" Reviewed by Leena Patteri on 12 April 2019

Hijack This is the best tools for cleaned your computer temporary files and it also remove you internet cached file and browsing history.


No cons

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