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Hugin 2012.0

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Hugin is a photo editing software which aims to build panoramic images by combining a series of images together. It is a flexible, intuitive, easy to use application which uses the open source code [used by pricey pro-level panoramic tools] as its foundation. Hugin is known for its ability to consider the size of camera and shape of lens while developing final panoramas, which considerably reduces disturbance (distortion) in the end result.

So, what does Hugin largely do? It acquires digital snapshots of all images, or a list of similar images and merges them together to form a seamless panorama image. Even in cases where a user doesn’t have a series of similar images, they always have the option to quickly take four shots around them and supplying the same.
Hugin has an Assistant like interface, which means it provides a stepwise approach to create images. It prompts the user to supply a set of images to Assistant queue, and follow the steps of selecting, alignment and stitching them in a meaningful manner before rendering them as a single exposure panorama. Hugin is an extremely powerful tool with a systematic layout and guided steps. If one gives proper attention and a more detailed input, it is definitely possible to create great panoramas even with images clicked on a mediocre cellphone.

Although there are many competitors available in the market, but most of them are paid software with their prices sky rocketing. Hugin does come in huge size given it’s a freeware. However, it does not compromise on producing exceptional results even for professional needs. This means Hugin is putting a high profile panoramic tool in an average user’s hands. Certain unique features like ability to allow user enter details of their camera lens and about camera and use it to improve quality of images, a stepwise ordering of the process and the software itself being portable seem convincing enough for some to lay their trust in Hugin.

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5.0 star rating
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"Best photo editing software " Reviewed by Shastri Vaibhav on 24 April 2019

HUGIN is the best software for photo editing, you will 100s of feature and filters in this software.


no cons

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