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iTunes 12.8.2

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iTunes is an app which is used to play all kind of digital music and video on Mac and PC. Being one of the most popular programs, it offers much more than just music and video.
This program gives a completely new experience of organizing music, TV shows, movies, and other apps in an effective and interesting way. Once you have them, they can be streamed across different devices, such as a laptop, phone, tablet, and others, whether they run iOS or Android.
Even more exciting regarding this app is that it enables you to access nearly 50 million tunes and over 100,000 movies and TV shows with zero ads. Isn’t it amazing to get unlimited audio media and play them anytime and anywhere?

It is a reliable place to keep and organize your music collection. This fast and well-organized media library is like a world of entertainment to the people.

Features of iTunes

Movies Collection
It has more than 100,000 movies to choose from, so if you are the one who loves to spend his free time watching movies or if you want to enjoy hit movies on your device, this app is a perfect way to entertain yourself with your favorite content.
Follow Artists and friends
This app has a feature that allows you to follow your favorite artists and friends, keep you updated with their music preferences, latest activities, and other updates.
Built-in Auto-Sync
This app can become the best companion for your iPod or iPhone. The built-in auto synchronization feature allows you to synchronize your iPod or iPhone with this app in a speedy and seamless way. It means that this app lets you to have the latest tunes with you and enjoy them wherever you go.
Organize playlists
This app also lets you organize the playlists in your own way by allowing you to create and edit your own playlists. It enables you to listen or watch your favorite music or video without searching them in the entire app.
Create and burn CDs
This app enables you to create and burn CDs, along with turning them into digital music by simply importing the content to the app.

Benefits of iTunes  

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Ad-free audio media app
  • All-in-one music and video program
  • Try songs before you buy
  • Full entertainment with zero ads

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5.0 star rating
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"One of the best application for music player" Reviewed by Shiva Chaudhary on 12 April 2019

Itunes is the best application for music player in my Mac Family.


no cons

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