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Java Runtime Environment 8.0 build 201

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Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is Java software that allows you to run Java programs or Java applications (also known as applets) on your PC and web browser. Java apps or programs provide much richer interactive experience on the web as compared to simple static HTML pages.
Java is a programming language that enables you to perform a variety of activities such as playing games, download pictures and chat. JRE is a mandatory component to run Java-based apps or web applets. Without it, you cannot perform these kinds of online activities.
You must know that several cross-platform apps also require Java for proper and effective functioning. In those apps, JRE helps you to gain better interaction with the websites.
In order to configure an option about JRE, you need to visit the Control Panel to find a Java icon. Making a click on an icon will allow you to have access to feature-rich Java Control Panel.
Always keep in mind that JRE is only used to run different Java programs and if you want to develop them, you need to download specially developed Java Development Kit for this purpose.

Features of Java Runtime Environment

Java Plug-in technology   
JRE uses Java Plug-in technology, which enables it to build a strong and efficient connection between the Java platform and various popular browsers. The applications are downloaded over a network and run in a sandbox where security constraints can easily be enforced on it.
Unlimited copies on multiple computers
If you are using JRE and want to share it on various computers, you can easily make as many copies of the same version as you want for sharing. Usually, people who use JRE for business purposes use copies to run Java apps on the number of computers they want.
Useful tools
JRE is packed with the number of useful tools that include Abstract Window Toolkit, Java2D, base libraries, database connectivity, print service, and several others.
Easy Installation
Installing JRE is quite easy and fast, where the complete installation process takes just a few minutes to integrate Java in your PC and all popular web browsers.

Benefits of Java Runtime Environment 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Updates automatically
  • Integration with all web browsers
  • Available free of cost
  • Available for PC and Mac

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5.0 star rating
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"Good software for java based application" Reviewed by Saurabh Gir on 12 April 2019

Using this tool for running my Bank of Baroda website in my computer.


no cons

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