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LibreOffice 5.4.4

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LibreOffice is one of the comprehensive office suites with lots of useful tools and features to enhance the productivity of a business. This office suite includes lots of apps and is presently available in more than 100 languages. All types of documents, including thesis, letter and reports, become more presentable and professional with the use of LibreOffice.

With various export and import filters, the office suite works with file formats of several other apps, like PowerPoint, MsWord and Excel. However, it has also the compatibility with its native format, ODF. .odt , .ods, .odp and .odg  are ODF file formats, available for LibreOffice users.

The office suite includes applications with several features-

LibreOffice Writer

  • Helps in creating simple documents (like resumes or memos) and longer files (like bibliography) or merging the documents

  • AutoCorrect dictionary for checking incorrect spelling

  • Assists in developing templates with the use of Wizards

  • Presents options for formatting the paragraphs or pages

  • Includes a drawing tool to create graphics and various types of drawings in the document

LibreOffice Calc

  • Works as spreadsheet to help with lots of calculations

  • Deals with large tables with the use of various predefined settings

  • Data charts or tables that get updated automatically

LibreOffice Impress

  • Helps to design slides and import Ms PowerPoint presentation

  • Includes Fontworks tool to create stunning 3D and 2Dimages

  • Apply various effects on those slides

  • Run the slides manually or automatically

LibreOffice Draw

  • Designs vector graphics with the use of curves and lines, set by vectors

  • Grids to give visual hints on the alignment of objects

  • Reveals the dimensions or sizes in case of the technical drawings

  • Contains several animations, images and sounds to be inserted to the drawings and other apps of LibreOffice

LibreOffice Base

  • It is HSQL RDB engine, useful to do every day works

  • Comprehensible system to store data

  • Wizards for assisting the new database design users

  • Includes pre-defined tables to track assets

LibreOffice Math

  • Creates formulas in the document and helps the users in editing the formula with the use of symbols
  • Includes options for developing customized formula
  • Command windows helping to have a view at the longer formulas
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