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Little Snitch 4.0.4

File size:36.7 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Objective Development Software GmbH Released On :11/29/2017 OS :Mac OS X 10.11 or later No of Download :745times
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Little Snitch, one of the host-based app firewalls, is useful for checking various applications and managing their connection with the particular network. With the help of Little Snitch, the online connections become visible to the user and they can control everything. It is a unique app, which is intended for the protection of data.

Various modes of the software

Alert Mode
The users will get an alert while any of the apps is setting up a connection to the online server. This feature helps them in making decision on the connection. There will be no transmission of data until the user gives any consent. The application also tracks the decision automatically.

Silent Mode

Those, who do not like to deal with several notifications rightly, can use this feature. They may keep all their notifications silent to control them at a convenient time.

Network Monitor
It is the major feature that helps in having a view at all the connections of network. The users have the option of assess the network activities of Mac computer from various points- connections, server and apps. The server location is detected very easily with this option. All the connection lines are animated and the users may make out the data that has been transferred recently. 

Temporary or permanent blockage
The users may permanently or temporarily block any program. While there is a need of updating any software system, Little Snitch is able to track it and helps in the update process. However, it can block another attempt for connection. It is a useful option as the user may not like to permit or block any application consistently.

Other features of Little Snitch

  • Snapshots - After seeing the present connections’ status, the users may store their snapshot.
  • Statistics - It is easy to find out those servers, who develop the largest volume of data.
  • Relevant rules - These are intended to make out the reason of blocking or permitting the connection. These rules are applicable only for limited time.
  • Bandwidth and data used - The users have the option to know the bandwidth and amount of data, used for every server and process.
  • Code signature - This can offer the better level of security as the app offers signature, related to every online app on the device
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