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Logic Pro X 10.1.1

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Logic Pro X is one of the recording studio tools, with simple interface. Available at the most affordable price, this software has comprehensive sound library to present digital workstation for audio recording.


  • Drummers - There are twenty-eight drummers, and the users get the option to optimize the dance or song track with the use of this drummer. They can use several configurations and tonal varieties.
  • Plug-ins and instruments - Use these tools to apply personal ideas. Alchemy, a good instrument helps in playing library with several sounds. There are effects and patches for brass, woodwinds and bass lines.
  • Smart controls - They are tools for shaping sound and making innovative alterations. Customize the mappings for better workflow and choose any button or themed dial.
  • Low Latency - This is a mode for bypassing plug-ins temporarily and for adding latency to have better performance of the players.
  • Track Stacks - Develop layered and split instruments, which may be reused, saved and managed very easily.
  • Flex Time - Control the tempo and timing very fast for the best quality performance. Move every beat in waveform for adjusting drum or vocals.
  • Quick Swipe - Swipe every recording section for the creation of one or more comps.
  • Track Alternatives - Develop alternate track version and manage all ideas using incredible power
  • Drum Replacer - Make a transformation of acoustic bass or readjust and thicken it. There are thirty drum sounds, present in the Library.

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5.0 star rating
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"The best tools for digital sound library" Reviewed by Sheran Mocks on 27 February 2019

Logic pro X is the best tools for recording your own rhythms and you also customize you songs with different instruments tools.


No cons

"Best app with excellent recording studio tools" Reviewed by Eric Wilson on 18 January 2019

I used this for my recording. I like the plugin and smart control and I adjusted drummer the way I wanted. It also has a huge sound library which was very useful for me for recording. It's excellent for recording.


no cons

"Awesome app for sound recording" Reviewed by Anna Fernando on 21 November 2018

When I using this software for sound recording, i got additional background music feature in this app. This is very helpful for me. Its fantastic software


no cons

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