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MacCleanse 6.0.6

Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Koingo Software Released On :12/28/2017 OS :Mac OS X 10.10 or later No of Download :807times
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MacCleanse is one of the most functional and useful lightweight software, designed to purify the computer system and restore the space of hard disk. Within a very short time, the application is able to perform more than 50 tasks. From the safe removal of caches to the clearing of cookies, everything is done with the help of this software.
However, MacCleanse makes sure that it has not erased the important data from the computer. The detailed report on the scanning process enables users in knowing what they should remove.

MacCleanse has lots of improved features and tools for the apps, like Skype, Acquisition, IE, ICQ, Mozilla and Opera.


Scheduler - The users may configure the software easily for running it on every day, month or week. By setting the schedule, the software will start its scanning process at the right time regularly. There is no need of reminding the software about the scan.
White and blacklist - In this list, the users have to include those files, which should not be affected while the software is cleaning up the computer system. User may also mention those files, which must be removed.
Trains easily -  The software will ask the users in uninstalling any application, while it is dragged incorrectly to Trash.

App and web history removal - The software has special tools for erasing all the histories of web and app, including caches, auto-fill details and cookies. It can not only save the space of disks but also protects privacy.

Identifies duplicates - MacCleanse software maker has added the most advanced algorithm to the system. That is why this application is able to make out all the duplicate file copies. 

Extension Manager - Login details, selected panes, plugins and screen saver, everything can be activated or deactivated. The users have the option of loading these things only when they look for these resources.

Orphans - It is another feature with the help of which the software finds out the junk data, produced by the previously installed apps in the computer.

Slim Apps - There may be unused sets of language in the applications. MacClean removes them from these apps.

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5.0 star rating
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"Good software for clean cookies." Reviewed by Goji Rasam on 08 December 2018

Using CC Cleaner for cleanup my cookies and trash from my Mac but when I am MacCleanse there is various tools for cleaning my computer. So I suggest this is the best software for clean you Mac and it also boost your RAM.


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