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For people who are Apple fans, Mactracker is the app of choice. It allows users to browse through the detailed technical specifications of every Apple product ever made via a simple and intuitive interface.

Mactracker is a completely free app to download and use. There is no up-front fee or monthly subscription charges associated with the app. Mactracker provides extremely detailed technical information about Apple devices; users can arrange devices by categories such as device type, memory capacity, etc. Mactracker has a comprehensive database of both current and past Apple products; users would be hard pressed to find an Apple device that is not featured by Mactracker.
Mactracker is available for macOS and iOS operating systems. Software developer Ian Page builds and maintains this free to use app, which is updated fairly often. However, do keep in mind that it may take newly released devices a while to get listed on the app databases. However, that does not take away from the fact that Mactracker is an easy to use app with a great interface that enables convenient hardware research for Apple devices possible.


My Models
This is one of the features of Mactracker that allows users to maintain a personal library of devices that they keep coming back to repeatedly. People can use this feature to either compare devices before making a purchase decision or if one is doing some research on a particular Apple device. Because users get access to detailed technical information with the app, Mactracker also allows them to find the requisite hardware components needed to expand their system, if necessary.

Timeline feature
It reveals every Mac versions, Notebooks, and many other iOS gadgets. The users may also select a model for assessing the hardware and software elements to know the compatible devices, system structure and Operating System versions.

Mac model comparison
Mactracker presents another feature to compare various models of Mac devices. It offers user the best concept that is related to the update of components. The users may also choose any 2 Mac devices for outlining the main differences.
Thus, Mactracker is a really useful app for Apple enthusiasts and journalists, particularly because technical information about Apple devices can be notoriously hard to find. While Apple might be a very “consumer” friendly company, it is also a notoriously capitalistic one, hiding technical details from the public domain and not allowing people to open or repair their own devices.

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