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Do you want to turn your Windows PC into a virtual WiFi hotspot? If yes, then MaryFi works as a wonderful app to provide you a solution for your goal. This app allows you to convert your PC into a WiFi hotspot and share your internet connection with your all other devices; they can be tablets, Smartphones, computers, and other WiFi enables devices.

This app works great in easing your task of connecting and allowing other devices to access your WiFi network. Also, it does not require any kind of technical knowledge to avail its benefits as the pleasing interface is highly easy and simple to get a grip with.

Simply make sure that your main device is connected to a secured network, either a WiFi network or a cable modem. As long as this main internet connection works, your hotspot will be accessible to other WiFi enables devices.

Features of MaryFi

Intuitive user interface
The app enables its users to use it in an easy and simple way; all is done with the help of easy to understand and user-friendly interface. It facilitates you to manage your connections on the network with great ease.

Easy configuration process
Once you install this app, it enables you to configure the entire process by choosing the hotspot name, password, WiFi device you want to use, security mode, as well as giving you a choice to choose whether you want to enable your internet sharing option or not.

Password protected
It provides a high level of protection to your network access by using WPA2 password security, which means you have to set a password that does not let others access your internet connection without entering the right password.

Control WiFi network
It enables you to keep track of all the devices connected to your network, which gives you the freedom to control your wireless network effectively.

Benefits of MaryFi

  • Free and easy to use
  • Turn your device into a hotspot in no time
  • Password protected
  • Extend internet connectivity

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5.0 star rating
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"This is one of the best Hotspot" Reviewed by Selena Matthew on 21 June 2019

This works wonderful and having unique features



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