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Starting out as a student project dubbed as Xelfi, NetBeans has come a long way into becoming a leading web development tool which simplifies the building and deployment of applications. This open-source platform is being actively employed by more than 1.5 million people worldwide for creating professional desktop, web, enterprise and mobile applications using C/C++, Java and other dynamic languages such as Groovy, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. A modular architecture is adopted by this software to help in the entire development cycle ranging from project inception to app development with every function taking place through modules which have been designed to empower and accentuate its capabilities. Coupled with its cross-platform architecture, NetBeans can be run on OS X, Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems. The official IDE of Java 8 has found a ready market amongst converters, analysers, editors and developers.


  • NetBeans offers editor enhancements and tools for working with Lambdas, Profiles and Streams. You can deploy, debug, run or profile Java SE applications directly from the NetBeans IDE on an embedded device like raspberry PI.
  • Brand new Maven graph layout switcher. Improved maven performance is guaranteed while re-running web applications and debugging.
  • Window system supports enhanced flexibility in the form of split of editor through drag and drop as well as new API for customizing editor tabs. You can now make use of extension to sort files into folders coupled with the new user interface design for managing project groups.
  • New Breadcrumbs feature in editor for helping with navigation. New GDB Console enables the usage of command line in GDB mode. Remote performance has also improved substantially with new code completions and hints.
  • Complete PrimeFaces sekelton CRUD applications having database connectivity is generated by the PrimeFaces code generators. JPS hints are benefiting out from incremental flexibility as you enable, disable or change the warning level. 
  • Support rendered to PHP 5.5. Enhancements for Latte, Twig and Neon.
  • You can access Avatar.js through Plugin Manager in the Tools Plugins which can be of great help in creating Avatar.js projects once the installation is complete.
  • Task Schedule and other new attributes incorporated in the Tasks windows for catering to bug tracking.
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