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NetNewsWire 4.0.3

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NetNewsWire is a RSS Feed application that provides ability to read through news updates from various websites instantly. RSS are a great way to keep ourselves up to date without having to go through the hustle of visiting multiple pages across websites for the same information. This is where NetNewsWire chips in, the free RSS reader that allows subscribing to RSS feeds and atom feeds on the go.

NetNewsWire acts as a stringent RSS news reading software along with cool desktop features for ease of use. It is known to have been receiving regular updates, although the latest update keeps the interface of the tool pretty much in the same shape. This update distinguishes it from previous versions by introducing synchronization with Google Reader services, by scrapping its own flagship service called NewsGator. NetNewsWire adopts the three paned interface, similar to that of Outlook Express and Apple Mail, along with options to organize, read and flag news updates according to one’s usage. The software also comes with a built in browser, although, it does give its users the option to set a custom browser as default to open different newsletters.

Since NetNewsWire aims to provide an unhindered user experience, it isn’t surprising to see to peculiar features such as auto download of podcasts onto one’s system, SE subscriptions and flexibility to save articles to read for later be it from any category. NetNewsWire comes in two categories, one being the freeware application of advertisements on the bottom lower left of the application. The second ad-free version is a paid service, wherein all the benefits can be enjoyed without the ads.

Even the free version of NetNewsWire is a fabulous option for all the news addicts. And with the latest update allowing sync with Google Reader Services, it becomes simpler to access multi website news. Since feeds from multiple websites can become cumbersome as a whole, NetNewsWire uses ‘Smart Lists’ to filters news based on a defined criteria. With a large number of feeds come from Twitter, Growl and and still producing the results in a stable manner make NetNewsWire one of the most flexible news aggregator and news RSS feed provider.

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5.0 star rating
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"Best latest news application" Reviewed by Prem Tinani on 16 December 2018

Best small application for latest news and update from internet.


no cons

"Good software for news feed" Reviewed by Sarah lane on 05 December 2018

I am using this software for fresh feed from so many website so I din't go for search any news from internet.


no cons

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