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Netspot is one of the easy to use tools to check out, analyze and scan the Wi-Fi network, its coverage and also its performance. The software runs on both Windows (7, 8 and10) and Mac (OS X 10.6) computer system. By installing NetSpot, the users will be able to identify the strength of the signal with few clicks. This application develops a visual data map so that the users may realize the reason behind network issue.

IT professionals, engineers, wireless network providers, hardware dealers, Wi-Fi system implementation agents and other consultants can get benefit from this software.

Discover Mode

The software can gather all the detailed information on Wi-Fi setup and gives the wireless report with interactive chart. Solve the issue and enhance the performance, capacity, coverage and other configurations of the network. By running the application, the users will know-
  • Live data - Related to the adjacent networks
  • AP information - Details on channel, transmission speed, type of security and band
  • Digital charts - To reveal everything about the changes
  • Surveys - Find out the issues of Wi-Fi in a definite spot
  • APs comparison - With color codes on the bars for analyzing networks
  • CSV file export - For storing historical information for every AP
  • Search network - Know the number of APs

Wi-Fi network survey - For mapping data easily

  • Multiple-level projects- It is intended for more than one zone, including floor area and level
  • Visualizations- Detailed and interactive map to give information every assessed network- The app helps in visualizing more than fifteen heatmaps.
  • Differentiate the zones- Have the snapshot of every zone for easy comparison of wireless network configurations
  • Hybrid Wi-Fi surveys, including the passive and active ones- The passive ones comprise noise and signal intensity, their ratio, PHY coverage. Active type of surveys gives a report on download and upload speed and wireless transmission speed.

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5.0 star rating
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"High rated app for wifi network performance" Reviewed by Belle Evans on 30 January 2019

This application gives an exact speed of your internet and also helps for issues.


No cons

"Its good app that makes work easy" Reviewed by Abbe Brown on 30 January 2019

This app is helpful to organize data and renames all files. I can easily find my movies and series.


no cons

"Awesome!" Reviewed by Oram on 02 August 2018

This is best for professionals!


No cons!

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