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OmniGraffle 7.5

File size:73.8 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :The Omni Group Released On :10/12/2017 OS :Mac OS 10.11 or later No of Download :648times
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OmniGraffle is one of the useful applications for digital illustration and diagramming. It can be run on iOS and macOS platform. For the creation of various visuals (graffles) and graphics, this software is the right option. OmniGraffle helps in developing wire frames maps and screen flows.

It is a space to create various shapes, and it comprises the options for sizing, name and grid selection. The users can create or toggle their layers. For Mac users, there are 3 modes of canvas- Fixed, Flexible and Infinite Canvas (growing in all directions).

Text and line conversion
Pro version users can modify the shapes of characters and transform the text into various objects.  The stroke of a line may also be transformed into any shape only by using Bézier points. Text Flow helps placing the text at any place on a shape’s edge.

Export Panel
It is useful to deal with multiple-canvas files, and to move from these documents to the sorted files. This panel also helps in previewing the exports.

Point Editor

Helps managing the points of each of the shapes and making adjustment automatically to Bézier design.

App Lock

With the use of a simple ID and password, all the documents remain protected. The users can manage their Graffles confidently with this strong protection tool.

Drag and Drop tool

The iOS users have the opportunity to use this type of functionality. The software helps them to add or text or images to the document. Though, the users have to drag something to the desired spot.

Smart Guides

It is another tool, which may be activated or deactivated. While there are objects near the canvas, this tool enables users in the easy alignment of objects as well as to snap objects accurately into the right alignment.


Stencils or clip arts work as useful elements, like buttons and icons. The application has lots of pre-loaded samples of stencils that may be applied by users instantly. It is also easy to share, create, preview or download the online stencils.

Automation using JavaScript
OmniGraffle has offered easy accessibility to canvass and objects. Compatibility with cross-platform is another feature of the app.

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