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Peazip 6.6.1

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Peazip is an open source file manager tool that allows you to reduce the size of the large files. Using this tool, you can compress and decompress the file size as per your choice.

It is capable to extract more than 180 archive formats including 7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP, WIM, XZ, ZIPX, CAB, PEA, ARZ and many more. It is a full-featured and user-friendly alternative to other file archiver utilities. The compression and decompression process is done within seconds, quite quick as compared to other similar tools/apps.

Make a right click on the file or folder you want to compress and choose ‘Add to archive’ or you can browse path using Peazip which will take you to the direct access of the tool.

With the help of this powerful file manager, you can view, browse and search archive files with the range of data security options. The tool also provides the number of outstanding advanced options to the users who want to add something more technical to their job.

Features of Peazip

Easy to use Interface
It has easy-to-use interface containing various built-in themes to give a pleasant experience to its users. You can compress or decompress any file using the file explorer available on the right, where you can choose the desired action either from the toolbar or by simply making a right click.

Archive Management
This tool allows you to extract, create and convert the number of archives at the same time. It also enables you to split and merge multiple files. You can even save job definition as script.

Strong Encryption
It ensures to provide a high level of security against any kind of attack. End-to-end cryptography is used, where only the sender and receiver are the in-charge of the data. The encryption password is required to open and extract the encrypted file. It helps in protecting files within archives from the unauthorized access and keeps the user information secure.

File Management
The tool gives you the facility to manage files of different formats easily and safely. The advanced search feature helps you to easily find the desired file, whereas navigation and bookmarking features help you to access the particular file directly. You can also view and verify file checksums and hashes.

Benefits of Peazip

  • Absolutely free for use
  • Compress and decompress files quickly and safely
  • Perfect for all compressing/decompressing needs
  • Available for both Windows and Linux
  • Powerful data security

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5.0 star rating
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"Customized file manager tool" Reviewed by Henry Smith on 21 June 2019

its open source and help to reduce size of file so its really easy and customized.



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