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PotPlayer 1.7.18958.0

File size:26.64 MB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site Publisher Name :Daum Communications Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows (All Versions) No of Download :586times
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Tired of the endless settings and complications of using your old media player? Cannot seem to find a media player that supports all your files? Cannot play files with different extensions on your current media player? Well, here is a great solution for you- PotPlayer.

PotPlayer is a media player that is made to suit all your requirements. It is a simple and fast tool that allows users to choose from a wide variety of file formats and allows users to enjoy their complete video collection. 

Here are some interesting features that will convince you that PotPlayer is the right choice for you- 

Screen Capture Support
It is simple to take a screenshot of your favorite scene from a movie or the ingredients shown on a recipe show. With the inbuilt feature of screen capturing, you can easily save your favorite moments from a video file without having to use different to accomplish this simple task. This makes the tool very user-friendly. 

Multiple Media Files Supported
This tool supports Blu-Ray, DVD, audio CD, and countless other formats. This allows users to use this tool freely without having to worry about what file format their media files are. One can use this tool with virtually no restrictions. 

Subtitle Support
This tool has separate subtitle support that allows users to access their favorite media files and view the corresponding subtitles to enjoy to the fullest. This makes it easier to watch videos with low voice quality or use a device with low-quality speakers if required. It has both DIVX and SUP subtitle support. 

Uncluttered User Interface
Since the design of the tool is simplistic, it allows users with little or no technical know-how to access this tool with great ease. The minimalist design is easy to adapt to and can make sure that one feels at ease while using this tool. This is a great advantage for one and all. 

All these extraordinary features make PotPlayer stand out and hence it should be at the top of your download list. Go ahead and try this media player and replace your old incompetent one for free.
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