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Prey 1.7.2

File size:16.9 MB Licence :Open Source Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Prey, Inc. Released On :11/2/2017 OS :Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X No of Download :1137times
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Prey is one of the anti-theft software systems that can prevent the theft or loss of devices. While the users have lost their devices, they will be able to track it and recover it easily. This is a small, open source program, available at free of cost, and you may install it on your mobile or computer.


Reports - The users need to turn on the report option to have the advantage. The app starts to collect the data that is essential for identifying the present device holder and its location. While the users take assistance from police, this report will also act as the proof.

Geolocation - The app helps in tracking tab, laptop, mobile and any other device. It also gives clues on whether the users have lost their devices in school, office other places.

Camera- Back and front - It is another feature of Prey software as it silently captures the photos. The photos will reveal you the person, who has stolen your device.

Device locking - A mobile may have very important and confidential data, and thus, it is essential to keep them safe. The software helps in locking down the device safely. It makes sure that the thief is not able to use the data.

Data deletion - Many users like to delete all their information. They have to access to the Prey account to choose those files, which have to be deleted.

Control Zones - This is a new feature, added to the software, and it enables the users in creating a map radius. After creating zones, the users will also get notifications on the location of the lost Smartphone. There is no need to check the app constantly. This feature works for Android and iOS users.

Clearly audible alarm - Many users cannot find their small Smartphone in any cluttered or unorganized room. However, the alarm system from the software will created a loud sound, and it also works, while the sound system is deactivated.

Customized labels - The users will be able to manage several devices with simple tagging option. They may also organize them, by choosing various labels, like device OS, its type, and Prey edition.  The software panel is designed in such a way that the users may deal with multiple phones, tabs and laptops.

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