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Do you want to find which program has a specific file or directory open? You can find this with the help of Process Explorer which start works where Task Manager leaves off. It shows the detailed information about a process that includes icons, command-line, user account, etc.

It is actually an effective and easy to use system resources monitoring tool for Windows. It works similar to built-in Windows Task Manager but has some expanded features which make it better than others.

It display contains two sub-windows.
  • The top window shows the list of the currently active processes along with the names of their holding accounts.
  • The bottom window shows the information which completely depends on the mode that Process explorer currently is in.

Like, if it is in a handle mode, it will display the handles that the process has made a selection for in the top window has opened. If it is in DLL mode, it will display loaded DLLs and memory-mapped files by the process.

If you do not want the guidance of help file, this tool can help you to view what is running on your PC.

Features of Process Explorer

  • It allows profiling and modification of the real-time state of the system, shows which thread in a process is running, shows parent-child relationships among processes and various other process-level details.
  • It provides you the DLLs which are loaded and OS resource handles which are opened.
  • It has the number of options which allows you to stop any application; change the priority of the currently running process as well as you can also view the properties of each process. You must also know that the properties option tells how much memory and space each process is consuming.
  • The tool also provides the specific information about your system, such as brief information about what your system is currently undertaking, along with statistics and graphs on CPU, memory, input, and output of your PC.
  • As it displays all DLL files in your PC, which is also helpful in locating errors particular to those functions.

The features and functionalities of this tool make it a useful choice for tracking DLL related issues or handle leaks. It provides a vision of the Windows and applications actually work with.

Benefits of Process Explorer

  • Effective handle and DLL viewing tool
  • Free of charge
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports all versions of Windows

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5.0 star rating
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"One of the app I came across" Reviewed by Alex Hartman on 07 June 2019

This app gives me that data I really want to see about programmer file.


Not really

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