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Quip is a software program, helping in team collaboration. Its features assist with the editing, combining and creating the spreadsheet or other documents. This software is very useful for the corporate users, and they can run it with their iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.


Chat Room
This is the most useful channel that helps corporate users to have discussions with their team consistently. With Quip, all the team members may speak of all the things. Thus, the business chat room will help everyone to know the announcements. WFH is also one of the chat rooms to help users in broadcasting their programs. Group chat creation also becomes easy with this software to communicate with more than one worker or friend.

Document creation
Quip also helps users in creating or editing the spreadsheets, documents and other checklists. With the simple interface (Smart Box), the software is able to assist with easy searching. Revised documents may also be saved, and thus, the users have the opportunity to track all the alterations.

Task list
There is a task list, included in the software, Quip. These to-do records and priority tasks need to be checked prior to accomplishing them.

New notifications
The users always like to get notifications on the latest updates of the documents. However, lots of notifications may disturb these users. So, the software enables the users in customizing the notifications. The users will be able to limit those notifications for offering response directly. Thus, it is easy to get notifications that are most important to the users.


These add-ons can become the best source of fun to the users. Social traits, emojis and meme creator for customization- these are the main features that are found in the software. Thus, Chat Room in Quip is really amusing and functional to all the users.

Integration with various tools

The chat system, included in the software, is also useful for interaction with many other applications or services. The users can notice various company names, like iTunes and Twitter. The users may also add documents to Dropbox. The software works well with other programs, like Zapier and IFTTT.

About the developer
Quip has been developed by Bret Taylor, who is Google Map creator. This software has been released as a mobile app to created shared lists, notes or documents. This app has become popular to lots of users.

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