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Radmin VPN 1.0.3725.5

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Do you want to connect remote machines in a single virtual network? If yes, then Radmin VPN is the right solution for your answer.

It is free and easy-to-use software which is used to create VPN (Virtual Private Network). It works by allowing users to connect computers which are located behind firewalls, both safely and securely.

A secure connection between computers over the internet is created in the manner as if they were in use over a LAN.

The software is highly reliable and effective as it does not occur any kind of error even after months of continuous operation. It enables you to enjoy its features and functionality for a long time. 

Being an easy to manage software, it can easily be handled by IT professionals and even home technical individuals.

Features of Radmin VPN

Data security
It provides a high level of the secured VPN tunnel, where every kind of data is encrypted before passing through that tunnel, thus keeps your connections highly safe.

Remotely data access
When you have this software, you can access your data securely. It also allows you to work remotely from anywhere and at any time. No matter whether you are at home, hotel, and airport or on the way, you can access your files, apps, and emails with just a single click regardless of your location.

Network games online
The software allows you to play your favorite LAN games with your friends and family using the internet. You can make a group of as many gamers as you want to add in your games. The high speed of the software provides you a wonderful experience as if you are playing in the LAN.

Connect distributed teams
It enables you to create a single solid network by connected the distributed teams together without bothering the distance of the locations from each other. You can even connect to remote computers behind firewalls.

Due to its limitless users permit as well as a connection speed that can go high up to 100Mbps, this software can be used for business or personal purpose, with no slow down.

Benefits of Radmin VPN

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Friendly interface
  • Play network games online
  • Connect remote computers
  • Access data securely
  • 100Mbps connection speed

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5.0 star rating
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"Safe and easy to use" Reviewed by Tofi Jose on 07 June 2019

I was looking for some vpn and downloaded this and I am happy with its features



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