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RazorSQL 7.4.2

File size:62.8 MB Licence :Trial Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Richardson Software Released On :12/19/2017 OS :Mac OS X 10.7 or later No of Download :674times
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RazorSQL is one of the database query applications and SQL query systems, used for macOS, Windows and Linux computers. With the use of this app, the developers may link to several databases with the best code.


Database navigator- It helps in browsing the structures or objects in database (like, views, tables and constraints). These objects are related to database, presented by RazorSQL.

Visual tools- These are essential to create edit, describe, drop, alter or view the sequences or tables.

SQL Formatter- The software also includes this tool in order to have line breaks after or before commas. The users may focus on the main text to be formatted and apply the formatter.

SQL Query Builder- This tool helps every user in deleting, updating and selecting SQL statements. It also enables in selecting the columns that should be applied in SQL operations and statements. After the selection of the right options the tool helps in generating SQL. For the deletion and updating of statements, this tool presents an option for specifying the conditions that are to be incorporated.

SQL GUI- RazorSQL offers many SQL GUI tools to produce SQL automatically for a database. The software is able to deal with various databases, like Oracle, MySOL, DB2 and Sybase. SQL Edit Table, Index GUI and many other tools have been offered by RazorSQL.

Database Import- It is another tool, which helps users in importing file from Excel, delimited, SQL statements and many more. RazorSQL should gather more details before running the import.

Various modes of import

  • Normal

  • Advanced

  • Delimiter

  • Delimited File 

Data Compare- The software presents this tool in order to help users in making a comparison of data, included in queries, views and tables. They can compare the data of one table with that of the other one. After selecting the options, the tool may assess the information and reveal all the main differences.
Auto column- The editor presents this tool to make out whether the users have entered the name of tables. To make the performance much faster, the tool offers a capability of caching the values of column. You will be able to set the option through one of the windows.
About the developer
Richardson Software has developed the software, RazorSQL, and this system helps every use to build up query and to search for data very easily.

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