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Recuva 1.53.1087

File size:4.2 MB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Piriform Released On :6/8/2016 OS :Windows (All Version) No of Download :762times
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We can remove our computer files by mistake, and to get back that file, Recuva is the most useful software. Recuva helps in restoring any file, removed from USB drive, PC, memory card or any other unit. Choose the only location of the file and the file type to be recovered. Then, the software will do all the work for the users.


Undelete computer files - The app is able to deal with rewriteable media files, including music, photos, and also emails. Thus, for iPod users, there is no need to be concerned on losing iTunes music.

Restore the formatted and damaged disks - HDD crash or absence of backup has the good solution with Recuva. The software scans the drive and looks for every part in order to have successful recovery.

Recover the lost emails - Get back all the deleted files from email apps, like Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express.

Retrieve the deleted music - Audio files, deleted from MP3 or iPod, can be recovered with the software.

Two scanning levels - Default scanning process is good to analyze large HDD for the lost files within a short time. However, as the users cannot find out all the deleted files easily, Deep Scan is the right option for them.

Quick-Start Wizard - It directs the users through file recovery process

Recovered Word files - The software helps in recovering the document, while MS Word gets crashed

Safe file deletion - Remove all the traces of files to ensure a comprehensive protection and privacy maintenance. 

Portable - The software works on all the devices, including notebook, PC and laptop.
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