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Remix OS

File size:1.02 GB Licence :Freeware Publisher Site : Publisher Name :Jide Technology Co. Released On :1/1/1900 OS :Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 No of Download :708times
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The 64-bit Remix OS helps in adapting the environment to PC standards by tagging along an Android experience both for laptops and desktop computers. Based on the Android-x86 project, users can launch their applications, access the gaming ecosystem and make the most of the Google environment using this operating system.
Remix OS was started as a simple vision whereby the existing boundaries between PC and mobile would be eliminated forever. More than millions of users have switched already to Remix OS 64-bit for becoming a part of the future spectrum of Android PC. A multitasking desktop is presented by the interface which supports various layered windows having a similar taskbar like the one available in Windows 10 and modification of the notifications bar. You can create keyboard shortcuts and open context menus for accessing applications directly by simply right-clicking on various elements. 


  • Integration of Android system with the Gmail account stands out as one of the key features of Remix OS.
  • This operating system can be run externally through a Live CD mode or installed from a USB drive. It can also work in harmony with other operating systems by allowing users to toggle between them at the beginning.
  • Remix OS goes behind mere simulations as the performance of less powerful devices gets accentuated with Bluestacks and greater efficiency is delivered via Android applications compared to a mobile device.
  • Users can gain access to more than 2 million apps and games on Android most of which are for free and can be installed with a single click from any app store.
  • The start menu of the software features contacts, browser, downloads, calculator, settings, file manager and so on.
  • The program’s cursor has a circular shape which often tends users to think that the page is loading.
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