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Safari 5.1.7

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Safari is a clean and easy to use browser which is used for Mac. Being faster and energy efficient as compared to other browsers, it provides all essential tools and features to give a unique and exciting browsing experience to its users.
It does not let websites to store your cookies and other data such as name, contact details, email address, and preferences. You can make it private by selecting your preferences in this browser. 
The browser has a sophisticated interface that ensures to make your browsing a joy, and can easily be navigated from one website to another.
Safari is something which set the bar higher for other web browsers by emphasizing more on providing the best browsing to the users.
Features of Safari
Handy Tools
It has a number of handy tools that allow you to find, save and share the favorite sites. The main purpose of introducing this browser is to provide you the best way to see the websites without using annoying toolbars.
Built-in Privacy
It offers a high level of privacy to the users to keep their browsing and other online activities protected from others, like threats, unauthorized access, tracking etc. It works effectively in keeping your Mac secure; this is something you always expect from your browser.
Supports iCloud
This browser works with iCloud that allows you to browse across a range of devices effortlessly and lets you enjoy the web.
Intelligent tracking prevention
The browser is highly capable to identify advertisers and other online users who are eager to track your online behavior. It deletes the tracking data and keeps your browsing your business. Also, it does not let embedded content in the websites to track you without your permission.
This feature protects your Mac from malicious code and malware by running web pages in separate processes. This way, any unsafe code in a web page will be limited to a separate browser tab and does not access your data.
Private Browsing
When you choose private browsing function, the browser does not recollect any data regarding what pages you visit, search history, AutoFill information if you have selected and others. It also allows you to use its built-in search engine, DuckDuckGo, which will not track any activity and makes your browsing private.
Benefits of Safari
  • Easy to use
  • Fastest way to browse on Mac
  • Faster than other Windows browsers
  • Keep browsing secured and private
  • Provides more browsing space

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5.0 star rating
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"Alternative browser for your computer" Reviewed by Nick Linking on 12 April 2019

Safari is alternative browser for your computer.


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