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SiSoftware Sandra, named fully as the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant, is basically an information & diagnostic software. The word Sandra actually has the Greek origin, which means ‘defender’ or ‘helper of mankind’, which fits to this software completely.

It provides information, even including undocumented, which you want to know about your PC’s hardware, software and other hardware/software devices.

For better understanding, let’s have this example.

When you double-click the processors’ module, it not only shows the model name and speed, but it also lets you know about the various other information such as the number of cores, processor package, minimum and maximum voltage, and current temperature and lots more.

The software works in conjunction with other Windows utilities and also tried to deliver the results beyond those utilities. It displays you more than expected about what’s really going on.

When you have a package of diagnostic tools that can help you to test your PC and work for its issues, you can get rid of the potential headache of diagnosing and fixing everything on your own.

Upgrading from the free lite version provides more features and is well worth it.

Features of Sandra

Easy to use
It is very easy to use and navigate. It has different tabs for each category across the top of its window. You can easily recognize them as it easily matches the icons. Also, each tab has its own set of focused tools.

Array of benchmarks
It allows you to test the speed of your hard drives, file system, file transfer in a mobile device, video rendering, network performance and several others using an array of benchmarks. There are useful when you want to optimize your PC with hardware or software tweaks. It is advisable to run the benchmark before increasing the speed of tweak; else it may bring adverse effect.

Information about devices
It provides you the ability to get information about a range of devices that include CPU, chipset, printers, memory, network, sound card, USB, USB2, database, Windows internals, AGP, PCI, and several others to add in the list.

It enables you to draw comparisons at different levels, both high and low.

If you want to compare the performance of your PC over time or want to develop trending reports, the benchmarking and reporting features of this software allow you to do these tasks without any hassle.

Benefits of Sandra

  • High level of performance
  • Speedy testing of the entire system
  • Perfect solution to know information about PCs devices.

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5.0 star rating
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"Performance is high level" Reviewed by Jane william on 07 June 2019

I was facing few issues with my pc and its performance with the help of this app I resolved all problem and now it runs fine.



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