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Screencast 2.0

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Screencast is a very useful tool that helps users in sharing knowledge by recording videos. Anyone can reveal everything about their own skills by displaying the videos. Other Screencast users will be able to watch it and can learn several things from it. Screencast comprises recording system, an upload tool and also a website for displaying any recording.


  • Publishing and sharing - Publish the new screen recordings automatically and there is no need of waiting for the processing. Share the unlisted and public recordings by adding details, like description or title.
  • Custom recorder - Record everything on the monitor or select a particular part and then track it. The users may also have screenshots by using this feature.
  • Record the key input - Track the key input while recording or displaying anything. The values and commands, put into it, give the viewers a better concept on screencast. Assess the recorded keys prior to uploading the content.
  • Language Filter - Choose the desired language to view at the content in a convenient way.
  • Download a video copy - Create any video, and store the recorded copy. Other users may easily download those recordings.
  • Delete a captured part - Video sections that have errors can be deleted with this tool. Remove or trim the part, which is posted to Screencast site.
  • Private sharing group - Share any personal screencast with the private group. All the group members can access it for viewing the content.
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