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Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration tool developed specifically for inter-office and business communication. Slack was designed from the ground up to replace email as the preferred form of inter-office communication and it is clear that the app has been a success; since its launch in 2014, the app boasts of more than 8 million active weekly users.

Universal Search
Slack’s Universal Search feature is its key USP. Any documents, messages, MS Word files, or Excel spreadsheets that are uploaded to Slack are automatically indexed. This means that documents are immediately searchable once they are uploaded. Even contents of PDF files can be searched directly from the Slack interface, making this a very useful feature indeed.

Channels creation
Users can create chatrooms, called Channels, where members of a team can hold group conversations or collaborate on projects. Any messages in a channel are visible by all members in the channel, encouraging transparency in team communications. Channels can be searched for and users can request to join a channel.
For more exclusive discussions, private channels can be created. These are restricted access from the moment of their creation; private channels do not turn up in searches and other users cannot request to join private channels. This makes having confidential discussions easy without rousing any suspicions or doubts within other team members.

Cloud file sharing
Slack also supports major cloud file sharing services like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Links from these services are automatically synchronised and visible to the members of the channel.

File sharing- Drag-and-drop-
This drag-and-drop ability helps you with the fastest file sharing option. Slack may also back up images, videos and PDF files. With the help of Slack, the colleagues or friends of users may make comment about the shared file. Documents have a “star” feature that allows users to highlight it to denote urgent or something that needs attention.
Other features of Slack includes

  • Notifications

  • Search functionality

  • Collaborative workplace

  • Tags

  • Video and audio conferencing

  • 2-way video and audio

  • Customized profiles

  • Merging with apps and tools

  • Indexing

  • Activity logging and tracking

  • Management of workflow

  • Contact details

Slack is a freemium app and offers both free and paid functionality. While the free plan is intended more as a trial rather than a standalone tier, it does not have a time limit. Users can upgrade to a Standard plan for the unlimited messaging, unlimited service integrations, better security features, and direct email integration.

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